“Are you or your organization in need of a strategic shift and looking for a strong plan forward? Leadership demands and landscapes are changing; do you have everything you need to address current and future challenges? Maybe you need help resolving conflict within a team or looking for coaching to assist an emerging and/or executive┬áleader. Perhaps you are realizing the importance of Emotional Intelligence and need help bringing this to the forefront of your skill set toolkit. Are you ready to Embrace Your Power?”

4 Directions Karla Campbell helps leaders create a new definition of leadership for themselves and their organizations. That definition accounts for the emerging challenges that arise from a workforce containing DEIB, AI, baby boomer generation exit, and low employee engagement. Leaders become lost because current leadership models do not account for these complicated times. We must see a problem and solve it for today while looking at its impact on tomorrow.

Karla helps leaders by bringing back the basics and increasing their Emotional Intelligence to complement their mental intelligence. Remember, organizations and their employees “mimic their leaders.” She supports leaders in “walking the talk” to build trust, motivate and make intentional decisions driven by the vision and mission of the organization.

Consulting Services

  • Planning & Strategy
  • Change Management
  • Facilitation
  • Keynote Speaker


Coaching Services

  • Emerging & Executive Leadership
  • EQ Practitioner and Training
  • Conflict Management Mediation & Training


Embrace Your Power.