Are you looking for an individual who has the complete package? 

4 Directions Consulting & Coaching provides complete transition package: planning and strategy; change management; Emotional Intelligence practitioner; facilitation; practical training; and employees through change, leadership, and performance challenges.

Karla Campbell offers customized combinations of the following services:

Planning and Strategy

Karla’s in-depth knowledge of project management principles and her proven ability to plan, set priorities, bring people together and navigate complex situations empowers her to complete multi-faceted projects successfully. Her ability to identify problems and to always keep the big picture in sight while working through the details provides Karla with a unique approach to planning and strategy.


Change Management and Emotional Intelligence Practical Training

Karla believes many projects fail due to not recognizing the impact change will have on clients, employees, and other stakeholders. Using a collaborative and transparent process to ensure buy-in, she creates strategic plans and provides expert guidance to align your organization with those plans.

Has your organization changed, and are you unsure of the next steps? Are you struggling with cultural issues in your organization? Per Tasha Eurich, organizational psychologist, “95 percent of people think they are self-aware of their emotions; however, only 10-15 percent are actually aware of their emotions.  Karla provides practical Emotional Intelligence training that helps you discover and harness your strengths, along with your team strengths, to build a long-lived and sustainable organization.



Karla provides facilitation for meetings, committees, workshops, and other forums — from brainstorming to strategic planning sessions. Her approach is in believing that the “answers are in the room.” She objectively supports groups in accomplishing their goals by helping them understand their commonalities.