Karla always keeps the client’s goals as her focus – even when the client loses sight of those goals. She draws on her deep spiritual practice in the Native American culture and, when appropriate, brings this wisdom and support to clients’ transitions.

For individuals seeking professional or personal change, Karla helps to identify their core challenges by asking difficult questions at the right time, with a supportive yet objective perspective.

Her leadership and team coaching specializes in working with emerging leaders/executives to establish a foundational skill base that includes emotional intelligence, attitude and behavior awareness, and management.

Karla uniquely applies the Seven Levels of Leadership:

    • Emotional Intelligence
    • Communication
    • Leading People
    • Leadership Foundation
    • Effectiveness
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Career

Change is constant – Are you ready to be the Leader your organization needs?

Karla will help you discover your greatest strengths and give you the tools to effectively demonstrate these strengths in the workplace and/or in your personal life. It is time to Embrace Your Power, take the next step now, and contact Karla.


Karla’s clients report increased self-reliance and independence, improved stress management, a stronger understanding of prioritization and urgency, higher levels of performance and job satisfaction, and long-lasting professional growth resulting in career advancement and professional legacy.


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