Navigating the Chaos and Moving Forward

“New normal,” “New reality,” or whatever your mantra for defining our current day to day life, the fact is that challenges, chaos, change, and pivoting are our constant. What makes this unique is it is happening to the majority of the population at the same time. So, emotions are high due to: the uncertainty of our economy, the instability in our community, the sadness and anger of injustice, and climate change that is impacting us all. On top of all this, we must continue with our jobs, career, livelihood, and/or businesses.

So how do we navigate all this and continue to move forward? The following five steps address organizational change, and life in general, to help with perseverance and resilience. I use them with my clients and myself to keep on track.


  • Know your current reality and acknowledge it. This does not mean you are happy with your current reality; however, if you do not understand where you actually are, you cannot accurately map the path to where you want to be.
  • Know your core values. Many people say they know their values, yet when asked for the why behind them, they often recognize that their values have changed. Set those 4-7 core values, write down full descriptions, and hold yourself accountable for demonstrating them.
  • Identify the impact/results/outcome you want to see, hear, feel.


  • Compassion is allowing yourself to feel concerned for yourself and others. To show compassion means you are expressing verbally, physically, and emotionally that you care.


  • Empathy is needed today more than ever. Empathy is the ability to understand the feelings of another. It DOES NOT mean trying to fix a problem or make someone feel better. It is simply holding space or just sitting with someone as they go through their process.

Knowledge and Learning

  • Gather information/data and apply analytical thinking. Learn along the way. Discus, Apply, Revisit.

Take Action

  • Identify the action that aligns with your core values.
  • Explore what impact this will have on you and others. Does that action still align with your values?
  • Be clear about if this action is for something in the short term or long term. This will affect your commitment, finances, as well as mental and emotional health.
  • Have a plan and be clear regarding your scope. Answer the following: What is this about? What is it not about? What am I trying to achieve?

Continuous Improvement or Evolution

  • If you are looking for that one thing to fix everything, keep looking. This is a journey, not a destination. Tomorrow will bring us a different scenario, a situation that is unexpected or perhaps planned. By having a “continuous improvement or exploration lens” on, you can build some flexibility and some room for the unexpected. This will enable growth.

“Be the change you want to see,” hear, and feel. Gandhi with addition by Karla Campbell

Karla Campbell – 4 Directions Consulting and Coaching, LLC